WOLTE is a biennial conference devoted to the presentation and exchange of the most recent advances in low temperature electronics (LTE) and applications.

This workshop series has the consistent policy of holding no parallel sessions. Therefore, its program is comprised of single technical sessions, which gives a unique opportunity to stimulate discussions among all the participants coming traditionally from a variety of semiconductor and superconductor-related research fields.

The recent progress in cryogenics technologies, which have made cheap and compact cryogen-free refrigerators able to reach the sub-kelvin range available, casts a new light on low temperature electronics. This, together with the increasing interest in quantum technologies and nanodevices, most of which need low temperatures, opens new horizons to the traditional area of interest of the WOLTE community.

The 13th edition of WOLTE hence opens to emerging topics including low temperature devices for quantum communication and computation, spintronics, hybridization and integration of semiconductor, superconductor, magnetic and photonic devices (both detectors and sources) working at low temperatures.